Company Registration

What is the right business formation for you?

Are you ready to move on from self employed status or thinking about formation of new company? We will help you set up the right status of your organization at very competitive prices.
These are the most common company types for small and medium enterprises.

€ 250

A Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD company)

The members’ liability, if the company is wound up, is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid on the shares they hold. The maximum number of members is 149. An LTD company can have only one director if it chooses. An LTD company does not have stated objects and can undertake any activity.

€ 300

A Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)

The members’ liability is limited to the amount they have undertaken to contribute to the assets of the company, in the event it is wound up, not exceeding the amount specified in the memorandum. As a guarantee company does not have a share capital, the members are not required to buy any shares in the company. Many charitable and professional bodies find this form of company to be a suitable vehicle as they wish to secure the benefits of separate legal personality and of limited liability but do not require to raise funds from the members.

€ 300

Single Member Company

A single member company is a company which is incorporated with one member, or whose membership is reduced to one person. However, the company must have at least two directors and a secretary. (unless it is a LTD company, which can also be a single director company).

The sole member, if he/she so decides, can dispense with the holding of General Meetings, including Annual General Meetings (AGMs). The financial statements and reports that would normally be laid before the AGM of a company still need to be prepared and forwarded to the member.