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Business Plan
Are you thinking to start a new company or explore new business opportunity? We shall help to prepare business plan, investigate all options to finance your project, including bank loans and grants. We will make sure your idea is looking attractive for investors and help you to become confident about your business plan.

Internal Audit
Already trading? Are you sure that all your accounting procedures are in compliance with required regulation, all operations are efficient and internal controls are tight? You could be surprised, but by adding or eliminating some processes you could add value to your business, save time and money, reduce risks and assist the process of company management.

Cost review
We always analyze your expenses. Where could you save now and in future? Do you have competitive agreements with your suppliers? Are you in line with direct costing of your sector? Can your overheads be reduced?
We shall take care of your cost, so you can focus on your sales!

We provide entire payroll services remotely, including submission to Revenue. We can assist you with some HR responsibilities too – to keep track of annual leave, answer employee queries, make sure they utilize their tax credits to benefit them the most. Happy employees – happy customers – success at business!
Fixed prices and no hidden cost.

We will assist you with organization of your bookkeeping, all reporting and tax returns.
We will provide meaningful MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTS with full analysis of your activity.
Management accounts will help you to focus on your business and make correct management decisions.

We shall prepare your company statutory Financial Statements, submit them to CRO and Revenue, as well as personal Income Tax returns for self-employed individuals.

Our Experience,
Skills & Expertize.
Your Profit.

Smart Budget Accounting is focused on Small and Medium sized enterprises, who cannot employ full time Accountant and Business Analyst, but they need professional support to run their business as well as big corporations.

We offer unique opportunity to organize your Accounting and Financial Analysis at affordable, fixed price.

Usual problems

Does it sound familiar?

Cost of Accountant
Is your accountant’s bill unpredictable and too high?
We offer fixed price payable over year.

Business analysis
Is your financial analysis coming a year late? We interact with you during the year and provide Management accounts as required.

Do you spend a lot of time with your books? We will streamline your processes and you can focus on business!


Services in a Bundle


from € 100 per month

Are you starting the business? Got some sales in and need to organize your accounts, submit returns to Revenue? We can help!



from € 150 per month

Have you got volumes of sales and purchases, possibly few employees, need to keep track of books and returns? We are here with fixed price to give you a peace of mind!



from € 350 per month

Do you need to analyze your accounts on monthly basis to make right management decisions? Employment of full time experienced Financial Controller is not always possible, but we are here to help you to run your business!



from € 200

Are you interested in Annual Returns only? We can help with that too!